Module 10 Overview

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TO DO: use the principles of Hess’ Law to calculate the enthalpy of a reaction


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The learning activities for this section include:

Assignment Approximate Time to Complete Due Lab  During Week
Read Introduction 15 minutes Before Lab

Complete the Pre-lab Assignment

Make sure you get this signed when you come to lab!

20 minutes  Before Lab
Prepare for and Take Pre-lab Quiz.
This week’s pre-lab will be on safety, pre-lab questions, and procedure.
Varies Before Lab

Prepare for Quiz 2

On Labs 5-9

Varies Given in Lab
 Complete Lab Handout ~30 minutes outside lab Next Lab Meeting

*All students are expected to participate in the completion of the pre-lab assignment regardless of whether the assignment is an individual or group assignment.

*Pre-lab quizzes must be completed prior to coming to lab for a student to be admitted to class.