Review for Quiz 2

To prepare for the lab quiz evaluate the following concepts. Make sure you understand and can work problems related to each.

Limiting Reactant Lab

  • Discuss the concepts of limiting reactant, theoretical yield and percent yield.
  • Calculate theorietical yield.
  • Determine the limiting reactant.
  • Calculate percent yield.
  • Perform calculations similar to those in Prelab question 1, Postlab question 2, and the “Beaker” calculations.

Reactions and Solubility Lab

  • Classify chemical reactions by type.
  • Write the net ionic equation for a reaction.
  • Discuss the evidense that a chemical reaction has taken place.
  • Predict the precipitate in a chemical reaction.
  • Be able to answer questions similar to Pre-lab question 2-3, Postlab questions, and classification similar to the data section.

Titration of a Carbonated Beverage

  • Calculate the concentration of an NaOH solution given the volume used to titrate a known mass of KHP.
  • Calculate the concentration of citric acid in a soda given the volume and molarity of a NaOH solution.
  • Answer questions similar to Pre-lab 2-3, Post-lab 1-3.

Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid Lab

  • Calculate molar mass using the ideal gas law and laboratory data.
  • Answer questions similar to Pre-lab question 2 or Post-lab question 1.

Calorimetry Lab

  • Determine whether a reaction is endothermic or exothermic.
  • Determine the best ionic compound of to use in a heat pack for treating frostbite based on your experimental results.
  • Calculate the average heat capacity of your calorimeter.
  • Calculate the specific heat of a metal.
  • Answer questions similar to Pre-lab 3-4, Post-lab 5-6.