Assignment: Acid-Base chemistry at home

For this assignment, you will design a scientific experiment and write a report. A scientific report should begin with an introduction to the topic with necessary background. You should outline the experiment design and clearly state the well reasoned hypothesis. You should then report the data and observations, including figures if appropriate. Finally, draw appropriate conclusions. This report should be approximately one page in length. 

The actual experiment is more simple. The section of the book discusses acid-base equilibrium. Using household materials, you will combine an acid and a base and observe an chosen outcome as it changes in response to changes in equilibrium. This variable has been left up to you- you could observe color differences, length of active reaction, height of reaction, any phase changes.

Materials needed: An acid (lemon juice, vinegar, almost any carbonated soda) and a base (baking soda or baking powder)

A few containers

Observation tools

Pick a variable to observe (ie what question am I trying to answer?), and create a hypothesis about that.

A couple of examples are posted below as guides- you may use these examples.

Example: How much gas will be produced if I combine my acid and base in a 1:1 ratio vs. a 3:1 ratio of acid to base?

Create a hypothesis and then do the experiment by placing a balloon or plastic bag over the lip of the container where the reaction is taking place. As the reaction happens, gas will be released and begin to fill the balloon. Compare the sizes of balloons.

Example: How will the addition of lemon juice to baking soda compare with adding vinegar to baking soda? Which reaction will last longer?

Create a hypothesis, do the experiment and measure the reaction time.