Virtual Lab: Acid Base Titration

The Royal Society of Chemistry presents an excellent virtual lab about acid base titration here, which even includes some oxidation and reduction chemistry.

The lab does ask you to log in, but a free account is very easily created. Just click on “Register” and you will be able to access the lab. You can try to click “Quickstart” to see if your browser will allow you to complete the lab without registering first.

  • Go to the virtual lab page and select “Titration 1”. You may complete the other titration labs as additional practice, but only one is required for this assignment.
  • Walk through the various activities of the lab.
  • Submit a screen shot of your Lab Manual score page (like below):
  • Write a short paragraph explaining what aspect was most challenging in this activity, one thing you learned from the activity, and any areas of confusion or questions that still remain.