Putting It Together: Earth’s Interior


You should now have a better understanding of just important the study of the Earth’s interior is and the impact it has on various aspects of our lives. In particular, we have looked at these items:

  1. The various layers of the Earth including where they are, what they are made of and how they behave physically
  2. How geologists use indirect methods to study earth’s interior
  3. Earth’s magnetic field including how it is generated and why it’s important
  4. The influence the interior has on plate tectonics


Did you enjoy the video through the layers of the Earth we watched at the beginning of this outcome? It was a very short trip but very informative. Now you know why geologists sometimes have issues with Hollywood and the movies that we see sometimes. Journey to the Center of the Earth may be a fun movie (acting aside), but it is totally unrealistic. As you saw, the temperatures and pressures inside the Earth make it impossible for us to actually visit there, although I know a lot of geologists would love to make the trip!

Now that we have good understand of the interior of the Earth and how plate tectonics work, let’s take an up-close look at earthquakes!


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