Why It Matters: Science of Geology

Define geology as a science and understand the basic methods of science used in geology and related scientific disciplines


When you ask the question “What is geology?” most people will initially respond that it is the study of rocks. This is true, but geology is also so much more than that. What if I told you geology is an intricate part of your everyday life? You may have to stop and think for a minute about that statement, but let’s consider the following questions:

  1. Where do your energy resources come from—not just the gas in your car, but the components in your cell phones and tablets as well?
  2. Why does Japan have so many active volcanoes and earthquakes?
  3. Do you enjoy eating, cooking, or gardening?
  4. Do you enjoy bottled, spring, or tap water?

While some of these questions are obviously geology related, it may take some exploring to find the answers to all of them. Throughout the course, you will learn the information necessary to answer these questions and others like them. We will see that geology is not just rocks but is far more encompassing than that. However, we can’t let this introduction go by without saying GEOLOGY ROCKS!


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