Assignment: Finding Balanced Sources of Information and Perspective

This three part assignment will help you to analyze your information needs and then find balanced sources of information and perspectives for a research topic. When submitting make sure you show your work and output from each step in the process.

1. Brainstorm Potential Sources of Information and Perspective

Think about a research topic you are working on or interested in. Does it require expertise in a subject? If so, what category of people might provide expertise? If you could talk to anyone and pick their brain about this topic, who would it be? Create a concept map to brainstorm perspectives that you think would provide valuable insight for your research.  This is just a brainstorm so there is no wrong way to do this exercise. You can use the free tool Popplet to create a concept map like the example provided below. Or simply use a tablet, pen and paper, or any other medium you’d like to map your ideas.

2. Map Other Potential Information Sources

Expand on your concept map by determining what types of sources you might use for each of the perspectives you identified. You may also want to use the Format Worksheet to organize your research.

3. Assess where there are Gaps in Perspective and Determine Sources to Balance

Revisit your concept map and consider whether there are any gaps in the perspectives being represented. Are there sides of the issue that aren’t being considered? If so, add these new perspectives to your concept map and think about what information sources you might seek out to create a more balanced perspective.