Assignment: Point of View Exercise


Identify personal characteristics that shape your point of view.


Complete the following questions regarding your point of view.

  1. List at least eight components that make up your unique point of view (e.g., your gender, race, education level, etc.) Be specific.
  2. State your answer t the following questions.  Then explain which components of your point of view most influence each answer and why.  Look at the example below for clarification.
  • Example question:  Should abortion be legal in the United States?

Example answer 1:  Abortion should be legal in the United States.  As a liberal woman, I think it is imperative for abortion to                        remain legal.  If women are denied the right to make decisions about their own bodies, it may be the first step in eroding other                      long-fought rights for women.

Example answer 2:  Abortion should no longer be legal in the United States. As a Christian woman, I believe that life begins at                    conception and abortion is therefore murder.

a.Should minors need parental permission to obtain birth control?

b.Should the drinking age be lowered from 21?

c.Should climate change be considered a national security threat?