Assignment: Track What You Share

Gain awareness of your online activity and information sharing

As you work through the metaliteracy module we want to get you thinking about your online presence! Let’s consider the following as we prepare to think through the issues related to being a metaliterate digital citizen.

Digital Footprint

We all leave a digital footprint of our online activity. This includes the images we share online, the postings we write, and even the web sites we visit. Let’s think through the digital footprint we create on a daily basis. For this exercise, track what and where you are sharing information:

  1. For the next two to three days, keep a digital diary and record what you are accessing, producing and sharing as part of your online experience
  2. Record the social media sites you visit and the information you view, post, and share
  3. Write down for whom this information is being shared and for what purpose. Who is your audience for your postings?
  4. Record your searches and the web sites you visit
  5. What kinds of advertisements do you see and do you notice if any ads are based on your prior search terms?

Keep what you are recording in mind as you work through your content.