Video: Learning Domains

Think Like a Metaliterate Learner:

Apply principles of metaliteracy conscientiously to your learning (B)

Pay close attention to this video, which will introduce the metaliteracy learning domains in more depth. Be prepared to consider your own approach to learning in connection with these domains.

Self Reflection Exercise

Now that you know a bit about each of the four interrelated domains of learning (metacognitive, cognitive, affective and behavioral), and  variety of active metaliterate learner roles (participant, communicator, translator, author, teacher, etc.) take some time to reflect on or to discuss each of the following questions with a classmate:

  1. Which metaliterate learner role do you feel the most comfortable taking on?
  2. Which role do you feel least comfortable with?
  3. Why it is important to develop these roles as a metaliterate learner?