Text: Metaliterate Learner Characteristics

Think Like a Metaliterate Learner:

See oneself as a metaliterate learner (M, A)

Let’s review the characteristics of the metaliterate learner and see how they work together as we apply metaliteracy in our everyday lives. Collectively, all of these characteristics define the metaliterate learner. Think about the specific qualities you already possess and those that may need further development. How might you put these themes into practice as you follow your own path as an empowered metaliterate learner?

This interactive content describes the characteristics of a metaliterate learner.

In this section you have learned about the nature and scope of metaliteracy, and its application to your life.  You are now prepared with the background to move on to the other section in this module. Before you do, use the self check that follows check your understanding of what you have learned.