Text: Digital Stories

What is a Digital Story?

Digital Storytelling is a creative art form that provides a way for everyone to produce and share their own narratives using readily available applications that are fairly easy to access and use.

Everyone has a story to tell based on their own experiences and insights. Today’s digital stories could be about an everyday practice and experience, exploration of one’s own background or culture, or an examination of a specific topic or cause. Digital stories very often provide original insights that are unique based on an individual’s life story or experience. Browse through some of the professional sources for digital storytelling below and select a story to watch or listen to in full:

Telling Your Digital Story

Everyone has a digital story to tell. What is your story? How do you decide what aspect of your life to focus on? Who is your audience? What form of technology will you use to tell your story? How do you plan your story and then produce it as a metaliterate learner?

Watch this video on Telling Your Digital Story and explore the following digital storytelling tools.

Digital Storytelling Tools:

Digital Storytelling publishing and sharing:

Drafting Your Digital Story

The first step in creating a digital story is to search for content, prepare a draft, and evaluate tools for creating and publishing content. Here are some steps that you can use to start working on a digital story:

  • Decide on the specific idea that you want to develop in your own digital story
  • Prepare an outline for your digital story.
  • Create a visual storyboard for your project
  • Develop a script that narrates your digital story
  • Create a list of materials you will use to tell your story (digital images or videos)
  • Explore technology options and decide on the format you will use to tell your story