Text: Introduction to Being a Metaliterate Producer & Collaborator

Think Like a Metaliterate Producer and Collaborator:

See oneself as a producer as well as a consumer of information. (A, M)

We all produce and share many different kinds of information, often on a daily basis, through technology in the form of text messages, emails, digital images, video, and postings through social media.

Metaliterate learners are active producers of information who develop ideas individually and in collaboration with others using digital technologies to produce and share creative work. This also requires being an informed participant who is capable of searching for reliable content and properly giving credit to the source of that information.

Metaliterate learners are also informed consumers of information who ask good questions about the content, authorship, format type, and source. Doing so provides a chance to apply your role as a researcher to critically assess digital information and determine if it has value to include as part of your production.

As you produce information, it is important to reflect on how you are learning. Doing so provides you with insights about your progress and areas where new learning is needed.