Technology Checklist

Are you able to complete the following tasks related to MCC technology?

Can you:

  • Send an email though MCC Outlook?
  • Open and send attachments on Outlook?
  • Use the M-drive?
  • Use the S-drive?
  • Properly remove a flash drive?
  • Print a document using PaperCut?Image result for technology creative commons
  • Look at the schedule of courses for next semester or register for classes?
  • Check on Financial Aid?
  • Sign in to Blackboard?
  • Submit an assignment in Blackboard?
  • View grades in Blackboard?
  • Navigate MyMCC?
  • Navigate the MCC Website?
  • Use the A-Z index?
  • Find a professor’s contact information on the Employee Directory?

Work on these skills throughout the semester and be prepared to demonstrate them in the future.