Chapter 1 Review

Welcome to Monroe Community College: Now What?

Chapter Takeaways

  • Actively engaging in your college education is essential for success, including attending classes, participating in discussions, learning about how you learn, and communicating with your instructors.
  • Students benefit in several important ways when they participate in class and feel free to ask questions.
  • Successful participation in class and interaction with your instructor begin with fully preparing for class and working on communication skills.
  • Using proper Netiquette is essential for communicating via email and in online discussion posts.
  • There are certain technology skills that are necessary for college success, such as checking and sending emails, posting to discussions boards, and accessing Blackboard.

Outside the Book

Choose one of your current classes and decide to ask the instructor a question in the next class or during office hours.

Make an Action List

I’ll keep myself motivated to go to every class because:





I will follow these professional email practices:





I will take the following steps when posting to an online discussion is assigned: