Search Tools: One Search


You can access the “One Search” search box on the library homepage or any other place on the library website the search box is made available.

One Search is a discovery service that combines the library catalog with most of our database content and other library content to give you a simple yet complete search experience.

Filtering Your Search Results

Your can filter your search results by checking off categories on the left sidebar of your search results screen. For example, you can limit by date or date range, specific subject, or material type.

Accessing Content Shown in “One Search”

When you find a result you would like to see, take a look at your presentation options. If it say’s “Full Text HTML” or “PDF,” you can just click on those and access the article right away. You will also see a “Find It” button. Use that if the item is not available in Full Text HTML or PDF.

“Find It” will help you locate the item. If it we have it in more than one format, links will be shown to other formats or you may be taken to a publisher site. If we don’t have the item here, you will be offered the opportunity to have it sent by Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The ILL service enables you to borrow material (e.g., journal articles, books, book chapters, films, etc.) from another institution that partners with our library; in the case of a journal article, for example, if our library does not have access to that article then you can submit an ILL request for it. The request will be sent to a partner institution that has a copy of the article, and that institution will provide the article (likely as a PDF) for you.