Search Tools: Google Scholar

Setting up

-If you find an article you like, you can search for it through Google Scholar or the Library’s OneSearch. However, here is a way to do a “one-stop” search by connecting your Google Account with the University of Mississippi Library. This searches the University’s Library Databases as well as all other databases that are free to access globally.


  • Go to Google Scholar
  • Make sure you are logged into your university Google account (
  • Click on the menu button in the left-hand corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Library Links in the left-side menu bar
  • Type in University of Mississippi in the search box
  • On the list of Mississippi universities, checkmark the University of Mississippi and Open WorldCat and click the blue Save button.

-Once this is setup your Google Scholar will search all the databases the library has access to as well as all other available articles that are accessible online.


Searching with Google Scholar

-If you know the title of your the article, just put the title in the search box and click “Enter”

-If you just want to put in a topic, such as Cyberbullying, you can do this as well. Either way, you are given the Title, author names, part of the journal title, year, and a brief abstract.


  • On the right hand side, you may see [PDF]. If you ever see [PDF] and/or Full-Text @ U Mississippi then you can access the article immediately.
  • Under the abstract you will sometimes see Cited by #. This shows all articles and/or books that cite the source. This is an amazing tool and will be very helpful for you later in the semester, especially if you want articles that are more recent.
  • Related articles link shows articles that are similar (usually they are connected because of tags).
  • Cite (quotation mark button) and Save (the star button) are self-explanatory. Cite of course will put it in the appropriate citation (for this course APA). Save will save the article to your account (find it under “My Library” for later use).