Types of Reflection in the Commonplace Book: Daily Writes

You’ll write three main types of reflection in your Commonplace Book in addition to your final epilogue post. Each one represents a different type of metacognitive practice and requires you to engage with your own thinking and writing process in different ways.

Daily writes are five minute or less quick writes that we’ll complete in class most days. This will also include any in-class writing about the readings that you complete for class. The purpose of these short, informal reflections is to capture your thoughts “in the moment.” A daily write prompt might ask you to write about your initial reactions to a topic covered in class, feedback you received during peer review, or even your feelings about an event outside of class. By the end of the semester, you will have a enough daily writes to visualize how your attitudes towards writing, research, and being a college student have changed over time. For example, you will be able to compare a daily write from a particularly controversial class in September to your current feelings on the same topic. A major component of the final reflection for the Commonplace Book is based on trends and themes you can identify in the daily writes.

explore a daily write

In this daily write, the student reflects on her current writing project and the challenges she’s facing. The goal of the prompt is to find comfort in challenges. Click on the hotspots to see more about the strengths of this reflection.



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