Using Edblogs to Manage your Commonplace Book

The platform you’ll use for creating and managing your Commonplace Book is called Edblogs. Edblogs is an implementation of WordPress, which you may be familiar with if you’ve ever kept a book in the past. Edblogs offers you a great deal of freedom in designing, maintaining, and even sharing your commonplace book while you are a student at UM. What’s more, you can create additional Edblogs sites for future classes and keep them all until you graduate from UM.

This section will help you get started with the Edblogs platform so you’re ready to start reflecting during the first week of class.

Signing In and Creating your Commonplace Book

Edblogs uses the same username and password as MyOleMiss, so you don’t need to remember an addition account. To get started, visit The Edblogs landing page has plenty of help resources for students and teachers, but you’ll primarily use it to sign in to your Commonplace Book. Go ahead and click the big “Sign In” button when you’re ready to get started.

When you see the standard UM login splash screen, go ahead and enter your MyOleMiss username and password and click “Sign In.”

Your Commonplace Book may have been generated in advance if your teacher chose to use a Class Blog. If your site has been created for you, you can skip the rest of this section.

If your Commonplace Book was not generated in advance, click the Create Site tab on the administrative toolbar.

"Create Site" on Edblogs toolbarUse the interactive hotspot activity below to learn about the different configuration options you have when you create your Commonplace Book for the first time.

Creating a new Commonplace Book

Once your site is created, you need to add your teacher as a subscriber. From the left-side menu of your site’s dashboard, click “Users.” Enter your teacher’s username in the field. (If your teacher is Dr. Karla Lyles, you would enter “kmlyles.” Your teacher will give you the correct username in class). Click “Add Existing User.” (Note: If your teacher is using a Class Blog, please ignore this step).

Edblogs admin menu with Users highlighted Add user screen

Creating Posts in your Commonplace Book

You can always return to when you need to access your Commonplace Book. When you sign in, make sure you are viewing the dashboard for the correct site. You can switch between your different sites by hovering over the “My Sites” tab from the administrative toolbar. Select the site name for your Commonplace Book.

Once you’re on your site’s dashboard, you can click the New Post button icon to create a new post. Then, you can use the WordPress editor to write your reflection or other type of content. Before you submit your post, make sure to put it in the correct category. The default categories for Commonplace Books are Daily Writes, Weekly Writes, and Unit Reflections. You can add new categories by clicking “+New Category.”

List of Edblogs Post Categories, including daily writes, weekly writes, and unit reflections

You’ll learn more about the categories and the different types of reflection you’ll write in the next section. If you want to learn more about all the things you can do with Edblogs, visit the user guide.  


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