Additional Resources

Background and Interpretation‘s article on “Elizabethan Theater, Playhouses & Inn-Yards”

Read this brief overview of the kinds of theaters in which plays were performed during the Elizabethan period (note that this is from a commercial website so be cautious about clicking other inks within it).‘s article on “William Shakespeare”

Read this brief biography of Shakespeare from


Audio & Video Files

If you watch this or another video or listen to an audio recording read along in the text of the play, keep in mind that the directors/producers of recordings may make some changes (use the assigned text version for all writing assignments). In any film, adaptations in set, costume, and era may be present. This is a choice of directors/producers. The movie, She’s the Man, is a contemporary adaptation of Twelfth Night.

Video: A film version of Twelfth Night directed by Kenneth Branagh is currently posted on YouTube. 



Audio: A LibraVox audio version of Twelfth Night s available on YouTube: