Try It: Verbs

Read the following introduction to an academic paper written by an undergraduate linguistics student. Look at the verb usage (both regular verbs and non-finite verbs). Identify any errors that have been made, and suggest revisions. The sentences have been numbered to aid you in your comments.

(1) Early Modern English, the language spoke by Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I, existed during a period of rich language change and growth. (2) Vast amounts of words were borrowed into English from Latinate languages (such as French and Spanish). (3) English words were taking Latinate suffixes and adding them to words, so they could better to fit the needs of the people.

chart showing the use of virtual and virtuous between the 1470s and the 1690s(4) Derivational doublets is word pairs from Early Modern English that have the same root word but have different suffixes. (5) Take the words virtuous and virtual, for example. (6) Both words come from the word virtue, but they had different suffixes (-uous and –ual) applied to them. (7) This paper will examine the usage of these doublets in Early Modern English, and it briefly looks at how these words have changing in our modern usage.