Concept Check

  1. Which organ system is most responsible for our first line of defense?
  2. Which type of immunity can be trained to recognize new pathogens?
  3. Which defensive chemical is used to ward off viral infections?
  4. Why is it important to eat properly when combating pathogens?
  5. How do phagocytes assist in disease prevention?
  6. Why does lymph flow slowly through a lymph node?
  7. How do lymphatic and blood vessels differ?
  8. Which lymphatic organ(s) produce mature lymphocytes?
  9. Which lymphocyte is responsible for producing antibodies?
  10. How are inactive helper and cytotoxic T cells stimulated to begin cloning?
  11. What is the function of the natural killer (NK) cell?
  12. Why is the secondary immune response so much more effective than the primary immune response?
  13. How do active and passive immunity differ?
  14. What is the common feature of all autoimmune diseases?