Introduction: Articles

The Potpourri section of the text contains articles about a wide variety of topics.

The first ten potpourri articles loosely relate to the articles grouped in different areas of study. These potpourri articles may add background and/or additional perspectives to ideas and themes that emerge in these areas. They are included to generate more ideas for writing.

Group 1: Social Sciences

  • The Milgram Shock Experiment
  • Social Stratification
  • What is Conformity?

Related Potpourri Articles

  • Theoretical Perspectives on Social Stratification
  • Social Stratification and Mobility in the U.S.

Group 2: Business Entrepreneurship

  • Henry Ford: Technology and Innovation in the 1920s
  • World-Changing Women: Madam CJ Walker
  • Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Related Potpourri Articles

  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics in Entrepreneurship

Group 3: Science

  • The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist
  • Brainology
  • What is Learning? You and Your Brain

Related Potpourri Articles

  • Power Causes Brain Damage
  • Bilingual Babies Ignites Infants’ Learning

Group 4: Human Services

  • Problems Facing Older Americans
  • Aging in Japan
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Aging: Functionalist, Conflict, Social Interactionism

Related Potpourri Articles

  • Social Relationships and Mortality Risk
  • Reflections on Aging

Group 5: Humanities

  • What is Cultural Heritage?
  • While Elgin Marbles Debate Rages, There is Still a Market for Looted Antiquities
  • Historical & Cultural Artifacts: Where & Whose?
  • A South African Storm

Related Potpourri Articles

  • Cultural Relativism
  • Linguistic Relativity: The Whorf Hypothesis

The other Potpourri articles are the basis for the Try It exercises that exist throughout this text. These articles were chosen to help illustrate reading and writing skills that the text highlights, and to provide instances in which you can apply those skills to sample texts.

  • Everyday Life as a Text: Soft Control, Television, and Twitter
  • Forget Shorter Showers
  • Getting All of Your Ducklings in a Row: A Look Inside the Animal Mind
  • How Crisco Toppled Lard – And Made Americans Believers in Industrial Food
  • Piracy Gave Me a Future
  • Why Aren’t Governments as Transparent as they Could Be?
  • Why Science?
  • Why You Forget What You Came For When You Enter a Room
  • Wikipedia is Good for You?