Historical & Cultural Artifacts: Where & Whose?

Read the article, “Do Historical Objects Belong in their Country of Origin?

This article offers arguments from four different professionals who are historians, art historians, and museum directors.

They each have a different perspective and argument about whether historical objects should be maintained in museums or returned, and how and why their proposed solutions could occur.

This article was published in a magazine called History Today.


Then read the article “To Return or Not: Who Should Own Indigenous Art?

This article offers another – and different – cultural perspective about what might be done with a culture’s significant artifacts, and why.

The author is an art critic for The New York Times.

The article was published on a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) site called Culture.

Other major cultural artifacts, the Benin Bronzes from Africa, are located in many museums around the world. Read an interesting New York Times article (2020): “This Art Was Looted 123 Years Ago. Will It Ever Be Returned?