Logical Argument and Critical Thinking

Logical Argument depends on critical thinking. Critical thinking is not negative – it’s not “criticizing.” Instead, it’s the application of analysis to an issue. The following videos provide a brief introduction to critical thinking and its relationship to logical argument.

Note: The content in this video is presented visually. You may listen to this video with audio description


Both videos stress your own active participation as a thinker when dealing with issues and arguments.  The Critical Thinking video focuses on questions you need to ask about arguments when deciding whether to accept their conclusions, e.g., is the information clear, accurate, and relevant?  The 5 Tips video similarly asks you to ask questions about information and arguments, e.g., is there bias or manipulation, what assumptions are you bringing to the issue, and have all major points of view been addressed?

Writing logical arguments involves applying these critical thinking questions to your own insights and assertions as well as to the supporting information you use.