Thesis Sentence: Topic & Angle Examples

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Examples of Topics & Angles in Thesis Sentences

Not a Thesis Thesis
In this paper I’m writing about current scientific research on cancer.

topic = current scientific research on cancer

angle = ? what’s the focused idea about this research?

Current scientific research on cancer suggests that there are specific environmental factors that trigger specific types of cancer.

topic = current scientific research on cancer

angle = specific environmental factors trigger specific types

promise = the essay will offer evidence on specific environmental triggers for specific cancers

Are probiotics good for us?

topic = probiotics

angle = ? there may be an implied angle here (the answer to the question, which is either “yes” or “no”or a combination of “yes” and “no.”) Even though you may ask a question to help develop your thesis sentence, a question itself is not a thesis, because it does not include an angle, or the assertion that answers the question.

Probiotics offer general benefits related to maintaining good digestive health, as they help maintain useful bacteria in the digestive tract. However, many claims as to other benefits of probiotics, such as lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, have not been scientifically proven.

topic = probiotics

angle = probiotics benefit digestive health, but other claimed benefits have not been proven

promise = the essay will offer evidence of proven benefits and show that other claimed benefits have not yet been proven

My husband and I decided that we are both “messy” people.

topic = messiness

angle = ? so what? what’s the debatable point?

Although my husband defines “messy” differently than I do, we both agree that “messiness” resides in four qualities of mind, which we both–unfortunately–seem to share.

topic = messiness

angle = four qualities constitute messiness

promise = explanation and examples of the four qualities

Managing Volunteers (title of essay)

topic = managing volunteers

angle = ? what about managing volunteers?
Note that a title is not a good substitute for a complete thesis sentence.

Certain management strategies apply to all types of workers, but particular strategies need to be used when managing volunteers. Certain of these strategies, such as creating a team atmosphere and rewarding success, are also more important than others.

topic = managing volunteers

angle = different strategies need to be used

promise = explanation of strategies for managing volunteers & analysis of the most effective methods and why; there may be some initial explanation of generic management strategies as well.

September 11, 2001, changed our society.

topic = September 11, 2001

angle = ? there is a very broad angle here, that that day changed our society, but the angle is so broad, it doesn’t promise anything specific to come in the rest of the essay.

September 11, 2001, was a turning point in the way in which people in the U.S. related to one another on a daily basis. In the security of our everyday lives before September 11, we had the luxury of focusing on minor irritations. After that day, behavior in everyday situations underwent a noticeable change.

topic = September 11, 2001

angle = changed the way we relate to one another in everyday relationships

promise = that certain ways we relate before and after September 11, 2001, will be detailed and contrasted.

For additional information on thesis sentences, look at Schmoop’s video on How to Write a Killer Thesis Statement.