Exploring Supporting Research

Take some time to explore these articles and reviews of research on OER to learn more about impact of integrating OER into your work.

OER: Bigger Than Affordability
In this article from Inside Higher Ed Open, Robin DeRosa shares her views on how OER can catalyze a much-needed national conversation about what we mean by “public” higher education.

Attributes of Open Pedagogy: A Model for Using Open Educational Resources
In this article, Bronwyn Hegarty establishes a rationale for the term open pedagogy, and, using current research, presents eight attributes of open pedagogy grounded in the concept of openness and Open Educational Practice.

Hilton, J. (2016) Open educational resources and college textbook choices: a review of research on efficacy and perceptions. Education Tech Research and Development, 64(4), 573 – 590.
This review of research synthesizes the results of 16 studies that examine either (1) the influence of OER on student learning outcomes in higher education settings or (2) the perceptions of college students and instructors of OER. Results across multiple studies indicate that students generally achieve the same learning outcomes when OER are utilized and simultaneously save significant amounts of money.