Earth Sciences Resources

Additional Offerings

Beyond what’s already hosted inside the Lumen platform, many OER collections contain useful material for Earth Sciences courses. If you have suggestions to add here, please share on the Lumen Community Slack Channel.

Name Source Notes License
Physical Geology BC Campus Textbook CC BY
RIO (Research Ideas and Outcomes) Rio Journal An open journal. “Our scope encompasses all areas of academic research, including sicence, technology, humanities, and the social sciences.” CC BY
European Geosciences Union EGU A network of Geologic blogs CC BY
Paleos Paleos This site covers geologic time (as well as cosmic evolution) CC BY
PhET Interactive University of Colorado Boulder Simulations CC BY
Geochronology—Methods and Case Studies InTech Open Textbook. This site has other open texts on it. CC BY
Global Warming—Causes, Impacts and Remedies InTech Open Textbook. This site has other open texts on it. CC BY
NOAA Site NOAA Resources PD
NASA Education: Higher Education NASA Resources PD
Science 360 NSF Video and resources PD
USGS USGS “general interest publications” list of essays and readings PD
Earth Science Wikibooks Textbook CC BY SA
Earth Science Concepts CK-12 Textbook CC BY NC SA
Earth Science CK-12 Textbook CC BY NC SA
Introducing the Environment Open University Course CC BY NC SA
Imageo EGU Repository of geological images; all images are open, but they vary Varies