Assignment: Writing Strategies

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the purpose of writing assignments and what an instructor might expect to see from your writing
  • Identify common types of writing tasks in a college class


  1. Review the syllabi for courses you’re taking this term. Make note of the writing-based assignments you’ll be asked to complete for each course you’re taking. For each one course, identify the following:
    • What kind of writing task are you being asked to complete? Is this an essay, journal, memo, annotated bibliography, online discussion, or scientific report, etc.
    • How much of your course grade does each assignment represent?
    • How much time do you estimate each assignment will take you to complete?
    • Why do you think it is a graded requirement of the class?
  2. Compare the list you’ve generated with a small group of your classmates. How do their lists of writing assignments compare to your own? What are some common factors across writing assignments? What are some notable differences?


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