Summary: Models and Applications

Key Concepts

  • A linear equation can be used to solve for an unknown in a number problem.
  • Applications can be written as mathematical problems by identifying known quantities and assigning a variable to unknown quantities.
  • There are many known formulas that can be used to solve applications. Distance problems, for example, are solved using the [latex]d=rt[/latex] formula.
  • Many geometry problems are solved using the perimeter formula [latex]P=2L+2W[/latex], the area formula [latex]A=LW[/latex], or the volume formula [latex]V=LWH[/latex].


in square units, the area formula used in this section is used to find the area of any two-dimensional rectangular region: [latex]A=LW[/latex]
in linear units, the perimeter formula is used to find the linear measurement, or outside length and width, around a two-dimensional regular object; for a rectangle: [latex]P=2L+2W[/latex]
in cubic units, the volume measurement includes length, width, and depth: [latex]V=LWH[/latex]