Module 5 Discussion: Analyzing Social Responsibility


Write a two-part post for the Discussion on this topic. Each part should be 1–2 paragraphs in length.

Part 1: Current Status

It is no longer acceptable for businesses to disregard issues related to ethics and social responsibility. Conduct research and briefly describe what your organization is doing now with regard to corporate social responsibility and pursuing sustainable business practices.

Think broadly about what to consider: philanthropy, energy conservation, sustainable supply chains, reducing carbon footprint, fair trade, community service, volunteerism, etc.

Part 2: Recommendations

Based on your understanding of the organization’s goals, what recommendations do you have for how to create a more ethical, socially responsible, and/or sustainable business? What practices do you recommend the organization pursue?

Part 3: Respond to Classmates’ Posts

After you have created your own post, look over the discussion posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them.

Grading Rubric for Discussion Posts

The following grading rubric may be used consistently for evaluating all discussion posts.

Discussion Grading Rubric

Discussion Grading Rubric
Criteria Response Quality: Not Evident Response Quality: Developing Response Quality: Exemplary Point Value Possible
Submit your initial response No post made – 0 pts Post is either late or off-topic – 2 pts Post is made on time and is focused on the prompt – 5 pts Point value possible – 5 pts
Respond to at least two peers’ presentations No response to peers – 0 pts Responded to only one peer – 2 pts Responded to two peers – 5 pts Point value possible –5 pts

Total Points Possible for Discussion Assignment: 10pts.