Module 12 Discussion: Personality Disorder Video Assignment

Create a Personality Disorder Case Video

STEP 1: Choose one of the 10 personality disorders currently in the DSM and create a video between 1-2 minutes in length demonstrating how the symptoms may appear for a person with that diagnosis. A good example is this DSM-5 Histrionic Personality Disorder Criteria Example, Symptoms Video on YouTube.

STEP 2: Upload the video to YouTube and share the link with your classmates. Ideally, there will be at least one video created for every personality disorder so that all of them can be depicted. The assignment will be evaluated in an anonymous peer review process where your classmates will provide feedback based on the accuracy and quality of your video. Also, if you choose to make your YouTube video public, it can help educate others about the disorders you’re learning about in class as well!

Sample Peer Feedback Rubric for Personality Disorder Case Video

Please provide thoughtful, kind, and constructive feedback for your classmate’s video. Please write at least one comment in each of the criteria’s comments’ space and any additional feedback in the additional comments section. This will be used in conjunction with the instructor’s evaluation to determine the student’s final grade for the project.

Criteria Scoring Rubric Score Comments
The depiction of the personality disorder was accurate and believable for the diagnosis. Meets expectations = 10 pointsApproaching expectations = 6 pointsDoes not meet expectations = 0 points __/10
The video quality was engaging, professional, and/or creative. Meets expectations = 7 pointsApproaching expectations = 4 pointsDoes not meet expectations = 0 points __/7
The required length of 1-2 minutes was adhered to. Meets expectations = 3 pointsDoes not meet expectations = 0 points __/3
Total Score __/20
Additional comments: