Module 2 Discussion: Research and Ethics in Abnormal Psychology Assignment

STEP 1: Choose to investigate a controversial method of treatment (from recent history – within the last twenty years – or currently being used). Consider the following as examples (you could use one of these or find something different):

STEP 2: Research your topic via journal articles, open-source content, videos, and/or available textbooks. You should have at least 2 appropriate sources (examples of an inappropriate source would be a blog or opinion piece).

STEP 3: Create a PowerPoint (or another similar type of video presentation) of no more than 5 minutes in length.

Sample PowerPoint presentation using Google slides: (You can use this as a template)

An Investigation of a Controversial Treatment Method

The presentation should include the following information:

  1. An introduction of the controversial treatment method you’ve investigated to include a brief background history (how/why did it start?)
  2. Current (or recent) studies and/or research to show its effectiveness (or lack thereof).
  3. The ethical issues with the method (*Refer to APA’s General Principles: Are the professionals carrying out this method acting with beneficence and nonmaleficence? Are they acting with fidelity and responsibility? Are they honest and transparent and supporting/advocating for justice? Are they being respectful of people’s rights and dignity? Why or why not?
  4. Your conclusion should summarize your main points and your overall assessment of the methods/treatment that was or is being conducted along with your educated opinion as to why this should or should not continue.
  5. Include a reference page at the end – cite all sources according to APA.

*Tips: include pictures and embed short videos to keep your audience engaged. (Just be sure to cite your sources).

STEP 4: Record the presentation with audio (again: keep it to a 5-minute maximum). You may include a video of yourself as well, though this is not required. Here is a “how-to” guide from wikihow: and another guide from Microsoft Support Center if using this tool:

STEP 5: Submit your presentation into the discussion forum to share with your classmates.

Grading Rubric

Criteria Excellent Proficient Needs Improvement Points
Chooses appropriate sources and controversial mental health treatment topic. Topic is a known controversy (not obscure or solely in student’s opinion). Sources are appropriate (open-source, journal articles, or otherwise reliable content). Topic is appropriate but evidence of controversy is not substantiated by appropriate sources. Topic is not in line with assignment and/or sources are missing or inappropriate. __/5
Presentation (Powerpoint Video) Excellent use of visual graphics to convey important points related to the topic. Addresses all questions from Step 2 and incorporates at least 2 appropriate sources. Stays within the time limit. Some use of visual graphics. Addresses most questions from step 2 but may be missing some and/or fails to incorporate 2 appropriate sources. Exceeds 6 minutes or appears too short (well under 5 minutes, missing info) Project lacks several pieces (not all questions are addressed from step 2, inappropriate or missing sources, multiple grammatical errors distract from content). __/10
Includes correct APA citations Provides accurate in-text citations AND a reference page at the end of the presentation. Does not fully provide accurate in-text citations AND a reference page for the sources used. Missing citations entirely or most of the citations are done incorrectly. __/5
Total: __/20