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The assignments in this course are openly licensed, and are available as-is, or can be modified to suit your students’ needs. If you import this course into your learning management (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.), the assignments will automatically be loaded into the assignment tool.

The assignments in this course cover content taught multiple modules. The alignment of each assignment can be seen below, and you can download print files of each assignment.

Assignment Files and Alignment
Assignment Student File Covered Modules
Build a Cell .docx.rtf Module 1: Introduction to Biology, Module 2: Viruses, and Module 4: Prokaryotes
Nature’s Recyclers .docx.rtf Module 5: Protists, Module 6: Fungi, and Module 26: Ecology and the Environment
Hobby Horticulturalist .docx.rtf Module 7: Plant Diversity, Module 8: Plant Structure and Function,  and Module 9: Plant Reproduction
Morphological Phylogenetics .docx.rtf Module 3: History of Life, Module 10: Animal Diversity, and Module 12: Vertebrates
Public Relations: Invertebrates are Awesome! .docx.rtf Module 11: Invertebrates
Medical Experience .docx.rtf Module 13: Overview of Body Systems
Synesthesia is an HR Issue? .docx.rtf Module 14: The Nervous System and Module 17: Sensory Systems
Infertility: What’s to Blame .docx.rtf Module 15: The Endocrine System and Module 16: The Reproductive System
High Altitude Athletic Training Advertisement .docx.rtf Module 18: The Circulatory System and Module 19: The Respiratory System
New AIDS Treatment Protocol .docx.rtf Module 20: The Immune System and Module 23: The Musculoskeletal System
Infographic: Celiac Disease vs IBS .docx.rtf Module 21: The Digestive System, Module 22: The Excretory System, and Module 24: The Integumentary System
Ecotourism .docx.rtf Module 25: Ecology and the Biosphere and Module 26: Ecology and the Environment