Introduction to Types of Hormones

Identify different types of hormones and explain the regulation of hormone production

Although there are many different hormones in the human body, they can be divided into three classes based on their chemical structure: lipid-derived, amino acid-derived, and peptide (peptide and proteins) hormones. One of the key distinguishing features of lipid-derived hormones is that they can diffuse across plasma membranes whereas the amino acid-derived and peptide hormones cannot.

What You’ll Learn to Do

  • Explain the role of lipid-derived hormones in maintaining homeostasis
  • Explain the role of amino acid-derived hormones in maintaining homeostasis
  • Explain the role of peptide hormones in maintaining homeostasis
  • Explain how hormone production is regulated

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this section include the following:

  • Lipid-Derived Hormones
  • Amino Acid-Derived Hormones
  • Peptide Hormones
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Self Check: Types of Hormones


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