Introduction to Finding Qualified Job Applicants

What you’ll learn to do: Describe effective strategies for recruiting qualified job applications.

Recruiting is the art of attraction, a process that requires a clear understanding of what makes the company unique as well as what type of person a company wants to attract. Recruiting is often a process of discovery and evaluation for both company and candidate.

The reality is there’s no one best place to work. In the retail space alone, candidates can choose from cult brands including Apple, IKEA, and Lululemon as well as a number of beloved regional brands. With so many “Best of” and “Great Place to Work” options and the unemployment rate at historic lows, the market for talent is competitive.

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Take a look at these reviews on great places to work:

In this section, we’ll discuss effective strategies for identifying, attracting and recruiting qualified candidates, including equal opportunity laws to be aware of throughout the hiring process.