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The Computer Applications for Managers textbook contains 10 modules and a final capstone assignment. The modules are grouped in order from most basic skills to more advanced skills; later modules will assume students have already covered previous modules. The capstone assignment is meant to take 1–2 weeks of a 12-week course. If you need to modify the pace and cover the material more quickly, the following modules work well together:

  • Module 1: Intro to Computers and Module 2: Internet Research
  • Module 4: Microsoft Word, part 2 and Module 5: Microsoft Word, part 3 
  • Module 8: Microsoft PowerPoint, part 1 and Module 9: Microsoft PowerPoint, part 2

We recommend NOT doubling up the following chapters, because they are long and especially challenging. Students will need more time for mastery and completion of assignments.

  • Module 7: Excel, part 2. This chapter could be split into 2 sections because it is a longer and more challenging section.
  • Module 10: Integration. This chapter is on the longer side and includes the most complex skills covered in the course.