Module 2 Discussion: Personal Data and Ethical Business Use

In this module the importance of ethical business research and personal data rights have been discussed. The rise of technology increases the ease at which businesses mine data to research personal interests, demographics, shopping habits, geographical locations, etc. in order to personalize their sales pitch to you as well as populations of larger groups.

Watch this video talking about the ethical difficulties at the crossroads of privacy, technology and business research. After watching the video consider a few questions to discuss.

You can view the transcript for “The Ethics of Data – Personal Data & Privacy” here (opens in new window).

Discussion Questions

  • What negative experience have you had with a company using your personal data?
  • What positive benefits does personal data sharing have for you in this sharing economy?
  • How would you like to have more control over what companies do with personal information?

Share your opinions below and respond to two of your classmates’ thoughts.