Putting It Together: Cloud Computing

Person scrolling through pictures on a phoneYou may already use several different cloud computing applications in your personal life, such as Google Photos or iCould storage for photos and videos you take on your mobile device. Using these cloud storage options provides many benefits. It allows you to have more space on your phone so it can continue operating efficiently. In the unfortunate event that you lose your phone or it gets broken, you don’t have to worry about losing those photos because they are backed up on the cloud.

Many business have also moved to using cloud computing applications for the same reasons. Instead of a company needing to have its own data center with servers and storage for all of its organization’s storage and data processing need, a company can often operate more efficiently by using cloud computing applications. This can allow the company to focus its resources on its main business operations. It also protects the company data by having everything backed up on the cloud.

In addition, modern business communication relies heavily on a variety of different applications. Depending on the industry and employee roles, many organizations will provide their employees not only an email address and calendar for communication, but also access to an instant messaging and video conferencing application. Understanding how to use all these cloud computing applications effectively will help you succeed in your future as a student and employee.