Putting It Together: Microsoft Access Advanced Skills

In this section we explored some of the advanced features of MS Access. First, we learned about external data and several methods with which we could use the capabilities of Access to utilize it. We discovered multiple methods to both import and export data from the Access database.

Then we explored the all-important concept of the query—how to create, modify, save, and print using Access’s tools and wizards. Following the discussion of the query, we moved on to forms and reports. We saw the robust capabilities of Access to create forms using multiple views and tools. Just as important, we explored Access’s capabilities to create reports using wizards to present data in the most effective fashion. Finally, we discussed how Access could assist in the analyzing of data using powerful, built-in functions and calculations.

Databases are the backbone of technology applications today. From social media, banking, cloud storage solutions, fantasy sport apps, and online gaming, databases are indispensable. Even if we are not dealing with high-profile applications, most businesses today could not run without a database system keeping track of inventory, sales, employees or other mission-critical information.