Understanding Domain Aggregation

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss domain aggregation

There are twelve aggregate functions that extract and group data from a larger data set.

  • DSum
  • DAvg
  • DCount
  • DLookup
  • DMin and DMax
  • DFirst and DLast
  • DStDev
  • DStDevP
  • DVar
  • DvarP

These functions all have the same structure:

FunctionName( “ [Field Name] “,” [Dataset Name] “, “[Criteria] “ )

FunctionName is the name of the domain aggregation function being invoked;  Field Name refers to the field containing the data in question; DataSet Name refers to the table in play; and, Criteria limits the inclusion of data per the scope necessary.

These functions can provide everything from a total of the values listed to an average of those values to the standard deviation of the values listed. The Help menu has detailed information about the functions.

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