Introduction to Writing and Identifying Characteristics of Decimals

What you’ll learn to do: Write and identify characteristics of decimals

A gas station sign is shown. It lists unleaded as 3.999, mid-grade as 4.099, and premium as 4.199.

The price of a gallon of gasoline is written as a decimal number.

Gasoline prices change all the time. They might go down for a period of time, but then they usually rise again. One thing that stays the same is that the price is not usually a whole number. Instead, it is shown using a decimal point to describe the cost in dollars and cents. We use decimal numbers all the time, especially when dealing with money. In this section, we’ll explore decimal numbers and how to perform operations using them.

Before you get started, take this readiness quiz.

readiness quiz


Name the number [latex]4,926,015[/latex] in words.

If you missed this problem, review the following example.

Name the number [latex]8,165,432,098,710[/latex] in words.


Round [latex]748[/latex] to the nearest ten.

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If you missed this problem, review the video below.


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