Why It Matters: Decimals

Why demonstrate an understanding of decimals and how they relate to one another?

Alexander is throwing a dinner party for Sophia’s birthday. He plans to have lots of guests and needs to provide food for all of them. He has appetizers and a main course, but is missing some key aspects of the meal.

A table with four plates of food on it.

He orders three cakes for dessert, each of which costs $20.15. He also buys four fifths of a pound of almonds to place on the tables before dinner. The almonds cost $3.04 per pound. Finally, he needs some extra spices for his main meal.  He buys a quarter pound of spices to finish off his main course, which average out to $7.60 per pound.

How much money did Alexander spend for the missing items of his dinner party?

After you finish this module, you will be able to answer this and more questions that involve operations on decimals.


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