Introduction to Graphing Linear Inequalities

What you’ll learn to do: Graph linear inequalities on the coordinate plane.

In the previous module you learned about linear inequalities. Remember Joan and her blood alcohol content? But did you know that you also use linear equations when you shop online? When you use the option to view items within a specific price range, you are asking the search engine to use a linear inequality based on price. Essentially, you are saying “show me all the items for sale between [latex]$50[/latex] and [latex]$100[/latex],” which can be written as [latex]{50}\le {x} \le {100}[/latex], where [latex]x[/latex] is price. In this section, you will apply what you know about graphing linear equations to graphing linear inequalities.

Specifically, in this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify whether an ordered pair is in the solution set of a linear inequality
  • Classify solutions and graphs as equations or inequalities
  • Graph an inequality in two variables