Summary: Subtracting Integers

Key Concepts

  • Subtraction of Integers
    [latex]5 - 3[/latex] [latex]-5-\left(-3\right)[/latex]
    [latex]2[/latex] [latex]-2[/latex]
    [latex]2[/latex] positives [latex]2[/latex] negatives
    When there would be enough counters of the color to take away, subtract.
    [latex]-5 - 3[/latex] [latex]5-\left(-3\right)[/latex]
    [latex]-8[/latex] [latex]8[/latex]
    [latex]5[/latex] negatives, want to subtract [latex]3[/latex] positives [latex]5[/latex] positives, want to subtract [latex]3[/latex] negatives
    Need neutral pairs Need neutral pairs
    When there would not be enough of the counters to take away, add neutral pairs.
  • Subtraction Property
    • [latex]a-b=a+(-b)[/latex]
    • [latex]a-(-b)=a+b[/latex]
  • Solve Application Problems
    • Step 1. Identify what you are asked to find.
    • Step 2. Write a phrase that gives the information to find it.
    • Step 3. Translate the phrase to an expression.
    • Step 4. Simplify the expression.
    • Step 5. Answer the question with a complete sentence.