Module 3 Discussion: Tattoos in Culture

STEP 1: Respond to the following prompt in a post between 200 and 400 words:

Tattoos are arguably more mainstream than they’ve ever been. Search online, perhaps using Google images, for two public figures (athletes, celebrities, etc.) who are visibly tattooed. Addressing the questions and issues raised by your video assignment, explain what culturally relevant symbolic meanings those individuals’ tattoos might have. In what cultural context do these persons operate?

For example, how might their tattoos signify differently in the NFL vs. in the high fashion world? In mixed martial arts vs. hip hop? What do those specific tattoo styles say about one’s countercultural or subcultural identity? Are they connected to any biographical and ethnic origins or contexts? How controversial–or entirely acceptable–are they? To help your colleagues write up their responses, be sure to paste your images directly into the thread with your first post.

STEP 2: Comment on at least TWO classmates’ posts in a response of 100 words or more. Explicitly address their examples and try to extend, complicate, or redirect their points in a substantive, knowledge-demonstrating way. Be sure to cite relevant concepts and key terms from the reading.