Module 3 Discussion: Media and Technology

STEP 1: Social media has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. The impact of social media has both advantages and disadvantages. Hollywood has used movies to describe the impact of social media into our lives. Choose a movie of any genre (fiction, documentary, etc.) that emphasizes the role of social media.

STEP 2: Watch the movie you have chosen.

STEP 3: Write a discussion post between 250-500 words that:

  • Identifies the movie and the genre you chose, then summarizes the movie
  • Describes the impact of social media to the characters in the movie
  • Compares and contrasts the role of social media in the movie (advantages and disadvantages to the characters) and how this relates to the individual and society in general.

STEP 4: Return to the discussion to comment on at least TWO other posts.