Module 5 Assignment: Society and Groups

STEP 1: Make a list of all of the different groups in your social world. Then label each group making sure you have at least one example of a primary group, secondary group, in-group, out-group, and a reference group. Now write the instrumental and expressive functions of each group next to the group. You may choose to copy and paste the table below to use during the assignment. Share either the table or your list in your assignment submission.

Groups Group Label Instrumental/Expressive Function

STEP 2: In a response between 300-500 words, write an essay that explains some of your own experience with types of groups. Analyze your table or list, and reflect on which groups you feel play a large role in your life, and why.


Criteria Ratings Points
Identifies groups Correctly identifies and labels at least five personal groups as a primary group, secondary group, in-group, out-group, and reference group Identifies five groups but does not accurately label each group, or does not identify at least five groups Does not identify groups or group type __/7
Function Identifies instrumental and expressive functions of groups Partially identifies expressive functions of groups Does not identify the expressive function of groups __/3
Essay Essay articulates the importance and role of each key group, using applicable terms. Essay is written in polished language with no to few errors. Essay does not elaborate on the importance of each group or it not written in a cohesive or polished way. Essay is difficult to follow or read and does not articulate on the importance of key groups. __/10