Module 6 Discussion: Deviance

One of the biggest contributions to the sociology of deviance is Howard Becker’s notion of the relativity of deviance and the importance of labeling theory. As we have seen in the module on crime, deviance, and social control, what constitutes deviance not only changes over time but also can vary based on who is doing the labeling and who is the deviant.

STEP 1: Research contemporary differences in terms of formal norms one method of social control (i.e. laws), among the 50 states. Select a behavior that is deviant in one state (or in many states) but not in others. Analyze these state-by-state restrictions on a particular deviant act.

In your post, include a description of the deviance you selected and a summary of what it looks like across the United States. Include a citation (minimally the website from which you gathered your information/ideally an in-text APA citation).

Write 1 paragraph explaining why it might be deviant in some areas but not others. You may include demographic information but remain objective and value-free.

Try to think outside the box and check to see what your peers post before you post to avoid duplication!

OPTIONAL: Include a global dimension by including a country-by-country comparison of this same deviant act in at least 3 other countries.

STEP 2: Comment on at least two other students’ posts.