Module 8 Discussion: The Race Card Project

STEP 1: Please review the following website: The Race Card Project and read a variety of six word novels about race. You can see more examples of the race card project here.

STEP 2: Upload your own race card using the form: Make Your Race Card and include a brief description in the comments with your school name.

STEP 3: Share your race card, or a copy of your race card, in the discussion forum. Add a paragraph explaining why you chose those six words for your race card.

STEP 4: After reading a variety of posts on the Race Wall, imagine what it’s like to be a different race/ethnicity and write a letter to your own racial/ethnic group describing what it’s like to be a member of a different group. You might also include gender and consider how gender and race are intertwined. You can consider your own life and experiences you’ve had dealing with race or racism. How has racism impacted your life, and what have you learned from that experience? How could you address these issues in the letter to your own race.

  • Ex. A Caucasian student wants to consider Native American identity. The letter is “Dear White People” and is written from the viewpoint of a Native American man or woman.
  • Ex. An Arab student wants to consider Caucasian identity. The letter is addressed “Dear Arab-Americans” and takes the point of view of a white man or woman.

The letter should be carefully constructed, courteous, and at between 250-500 words long.

STEP 5: Comment on at least TWO classmates’ posts in a response of 75 words or more.